Dear Desley, Thank you! Almost 12 months ago I woke up with unbearable lower back pain and pain in my right knee. After constant visits to the doctor, chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, tests and scans, the only relief I could get was from taking Anti Inflammatory pills and pain killers. For the past 2 months I have been having regular Bowen Treatments and the improvement achieved has been remarkable. The pain has decreased significantly and I only occasionally take anything for the pain. I feel much happier and more positive, not being in constant pain. Overall my quality of life has improved and I have much more energy. I look forward to my next visit with you.

Carmel - National Head of Faculty-Beauty, College of Natural Beauty

I am so delighted that Desley is now located in Brisbane. Approximately 14 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I needed to slow down. My work life had been pretty hectic and stressful. I began to explore alternative therapies and eventually discovered Bowen Therapy and a very special and talented person, Desley Faulks. At that time Desley was working in Marian, just west of Mackay. Over a period of time of having regular Bowen Treatments with Desley I was able to return to full-time work. I also began to understand the importance of creating balance in my lifestyle. I continue to have regular Bowen Treatments to help maintain my health and wellbeing. Bowen Therapy has been invaluable...Thank you, Desley

Karen - company director

I have had a problem with my neck for many years. I had always had chiropractic work but felt that it was not helping. Through a friend I was introduced to Bowen Therapy. Within a very short time the problem improved greatly. The therapy also helped a lower back problem that had come and gone over the years. I definitely would recommend Bowen Therapy - give it a try, it's amazing

Rochelle - owner of Maidenwell Candle Company

I am a 39 year old finance manager who has been seeing Desley for 2 months and the difference is amazing. For the past two years I would come down with flu-like symptoms every week for a few days. I had been to many doctors and tried alternative medicine in the hope that this would assist in making me feel better and improve my energy levels. Unfortunately nothing helped until now. Bowen Therapy has certainly helped. I cannot explain how, but I feel amazing. I am so much calmer and happier, and I do not have flu-like symptoms. I cannot afford not to continue seeing my Bowen Therapist because of the quality of like that it brings me

Lily - Finance manager

I am a 33 year old professional working woman who feels the stresses of life a little too much at times by not looking after my body. Between work demands, family life and hormones, there would be seven days out of the month that I would not feel like killing everyone around me. That was until now. I can honestly say I have my life back and I am in control, happy, calm, relaxed and feel much younger and fitter. I have been seeing Desley, a Bowen Therapist, for two months. I cannot explain what she does, I can only explain the difference it makes to my body and my mind, which is the most important thing. I would not have made it through the last couple of months physically and mentally without this treatment. Give it a go. I believe it is a miracle treatment

Jenny - Jewelry store owner

Bowen Treatments have been a wonderful benefit for me. My job requires a lot of concentration and lengthy periods of sedentary work. I sit at my computer doing research, preparing financial presentations and implementing investment strategies for clients. I frequently end of feeling tired, strained and lacking energy. Bowen Therapy is a major aid in relaxing and de-stressing my mind and body. Thanks heaps for your work

Peter - Financial Planner