What is Bowen Therapy?

Tom Bowen developed this technique in the 1950's in Geelong, Australia. He became interested in ways to alleviate human suffering and began to notice that certain moves on the body had particular effects. In 1974, Oswald Rentsch meet Mr Bowen and for the next two and a half years studied and documented Mr Bowen's work. Honouring Mr Bowen's request to teach the work after his death, Ossie and Elaine named it The Bowen Technique and so began their journey. Dedicated to preserving the technique and ensuring it was taught in its original form, they founded the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and have since taught the Technique throughout 17 countries of the world. Because this technique is so effective it has been embraced by a broad spectrum of people. Health professionals are impressed by the effectiveness of The Bowen Technique and the diversity of problems addressed by it.

This technique should be considered for:

How does it work?

There are many theories about the physiological mechanisms by with the Bowen Technique bring about the results, for which it is famous. The technique rebalances the body to allow it to heal itself. Bowen moves are done at the origin, insertion, or belly of muscles where receptors are located. All moves done around a joint directly affect the joint capsule and the ligaments are richly innervated with proprioceptors. Each Bowen move is done at the level of superficial fascia and affects the relationship between the fascia and the nerve, muscle or tendon being mobilised. Fascia plays a major role in muscle co-ordination, postural alignment and the overall structural and functional integrity. Bowtech moves also cross over acupuncture points and meridians. The overlap of these two systems could explain the very strong vibrational patterns that bring the body back into balance and harmony. Some Bowtech moves activate drainage of the lymphatic system stimulating the immune system, detoxification is often initiated thereby improving the body's ability to function at a cellular level. Bowen is a therapeutic technique designed to clear structural, postural and muscular imbalances.